ok, we´re officially open :)

after a long and delicious process of creating
and a long and tiring process of organizing
terra brasil natural jewelry is finally on air!

we, me and my sis, during her stay here in brasil, made - or, let's be honest, found and bought, which wasn't a bit less complicated than doing it by ourselves - collars, bracelets and earrings of seeds and wood of brasilian tropical plants, as well as of coconut shell and sweet little coconuts called dicuri.

the seed we most used, the little round one, is called açai, and is a seed of one fruit, commonly and widely eaten here in a form of a frozen pulp [açai na tigela], some kind sorbet ice-cream, which, as my sister stated, tastes like banana with blueberry. so, most of the brasileiros never ever seen the fruit itself and have no idea how does it look like ;)

there are also earrings made of feathers of colorful amazonian birds or beautiful golden grass called capim dourado.
we also have those stunning earrings made of scales of a huge amazonian fish called pirarucu.

anyways, feel free to see with your own eyes

everything is now in poland, and available for whoever wants to feel a little bit of the biggest rainforest on earth on their neck. or ears. or somewhere near.
something really nice is that all those seed have their own very special smell :)
[contact with me or terrabrasilpolska@yahoo.com]

so, how do you like them? :)

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