NOs & YESes

no photos today.
no new things.
no budget at all.

yes, i got about a zillion ideas. and no way to realize them.
yes, it looks like my wallet that month and next month has some secret affair with "the world crisis".
yes, i hate it. i feel so nonsense.

no happy happy mood brasileiro.
no sun today.

yes, i continue to miss europe. started last week. and didn't go away.
guess it's a first time it's that heavy on me like a cloud that might start dropping tears any moment.
first time in... yes, 10 months. already.

yes, i think i just realized that here probably i´ll never be able to live the life i wanna live.
seems like it´s more like an incubator for me. brasil. to grow up. and learn how to light a little inner sun to be kinda independent from the big one. or rather lack of it, thinking of poland ;P

hard times have come on me... :/
really ugly ones.
i would really like to hope that they will create something beautiful inside me, but....

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