lazy green saturday

lazy green saturday, upload feito originalmente por ki..

i made this skirt quite some time ago from the fernando maluhy fabric i bought quite some time ago as well , but only now i managed to take any decent picture. it was a saturday full of pictures, i`m still editing them ;)

speaking of sewing... i rediscovered the evil, time consuming, "go buy lots of fabrics and get down to your sewing machine right now" website a.k.a burdastyle, where there are too many gifted girls who definitely make too many beautiful clothes. definitely worth checking out, if not for a pattern, at least for inspiration.

likewise, here the autumn is coming closer and closer each day, which means that i`ll spend few moneys here - i wanna go there badly, all the other places i know only have these ugly synthetic wool... and few hours here, looking for patterns and new ideas.

oh, and speaking of fashion... or rather lack of it, which is exactly where i live, the fashion / aesthetic hell, i came across of three girls that do on their blog exactly the same that i do everyday, walking the streets of this city. they complain. they point out the hellish lack of any basic notion of any basic rules of aesthetics. and the best of all, they TAKE PICTURES! :)


falando de moda, ou melhor, a falta dela, o inferno de falta de estilo, noção e diversidade, eis onde eu vim morar... descobri recentemente tres meninas que no seu blog SEJA BASICA fazem exatamente a mesma coisa que eu todos os dias, quendo percorro ruas dessa cidade: reclamam. elas apontam a falta de qualquer noção básica de qualquer das regras básicas de esté tica. moda. estilo. bom gosto. mas o melhor de tudo é que elas TIRAM FOTOS! :) e apesar de eu achar ser básica muito chato, gostei muito do blog!

niom, happy easter!

que bueno!

so here we are again, my third easter in brasil, each year the celebration getting poorer. but the thing is... it just doesn`t make much sense far away from home... :/

this year i just made a traditional polish easter cake = mazurek. x3 cause it`s really delicious and you can only make it once a year :)

so... happy easter everyone!
feliz pascoa!
wesolych swiat!
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