ok, we´re officially open :)

after a long and delicious process of creating
and a long and tiring process of organizing
terra brasil natural jewelry is finally on air!

we, me and my sis, during her stay here in brasil, made - or, let's be honest, found and bought, which wasn't a bit less complicated than doing it by ourselves - collars, bracelets and earrings of seeds and wood of brasilian tropical plants, as well as of coconut shell and sweet little coconuts called dicuri.

the seed we most used, the little round one, is called açai, and is a seed of one fruit, commonly and widely eaten here in a form of a frozen pulp [açai na tigela], some kind sorbet ice-cream, which, as my sister stated, tastes like banana with blueberry. so, most of the brasileiros never ever seen the fruit itself and have no idea how does it look like ;)

there are also earrings made of feathers of colorful amazonian birds or beautiful golden grass called capim dourado.
we also have those stunning earrings made of scales of a huge amazonian fish called pirarucu.

anyways, feel free to see with your own eyes

everything is now in poland, and available for whoever wants to feel a little bit of the biggest rainforest on earth on their neck. or ears. or somewhere near.
something really nice is that all those seed have their own very special smell :)
[contact with me or terrabrasilpolska@yahoo.com]

so, how do you like them? :)
as i promissed. a preview of the new bijus from the line terra brasil!
everything natural. everything pure from brasilian forests.
soon, the advertisment and invitation :)

nowa bizuteria z linii terra brasil!
mala zajawka, a wkrotce zaproszenie i link.



NOs & YESes

no photos today.
no new things.
no budget at all.

yes, i got about a zillion ideas. and no way to realize them.
yes, it looks like my wallet that month and next month has some secret affair with "the world crisis".
yes, i hate it. i feel so nonsense.

no happy happy mood brasileiro.
no sun today.

yes, i continue to miss europe. started last week. and didn't go away.
guess it's a first time it's that heavy on me like a cloud that might start dropping tears any moment.
first time in... yes, 10 months. already.

yes, i think i just realized that here probably i´ll never be able to live the life i wanna live.
seems like it´s more like an incubator for me. brasil. to grow up. and learn how to light a little inner sun to be kinda independent from the big one. or rather lack of it, thinking of poland ;P

hard times have come on me... :/
really ugly ones.
i would really like to hope that they will create something beautiful inside me, but....


i got tagged.
by Zoricina whose work i absolutely love :)

so the rules say...

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a com
ment on their blog

...that now i should share 7 facts about me and tag more 7 people.

lemme see if i manage to find some interesting facts this hour in the morning...

1. my biggest dream is to speak, or at least understand all the languages of the world. or at least japanese, spanish, french, korean, russian, cestina, hindi, italian and some others.

2. i´m polish but i live in são paulo, brasil, or in other words, the city of satan. and i still didn't get used, and i still miss my good old europe. i started to do thingy crafty things here, cause this city is so so so ugly that i had to make my life at least a little bit more beautiful.

3. i used to read quite fluently latin but now i forgot a lot. but i still love the perfect harmony of it.

4. i love maps :) my father is a cartographist/geologist and i used to draw maps instead of happy sun sky trees and houses when i was really little.

5. couldn't live without books. what drives me crazy, cause here nobody reads nothing. nothing.

6. for nobody could say that i'm not really polish (cause we love to complain ;P) one negative: i can´t stand pompatic people. or anything and anybody that tries to look better than they are.

7. i think that white people are the ugliest of all. if i could, i would choose some other colour ;)

hope that this serves :)

so i´m tagging:
house on hill road
whispering pine
a fada flor
lidia luz

have fun and beijos, girls!

m17 & m21

more of tea rose. but kind of japanese tea this time, i think.


ring / anel / pierscionek m20

m20, upload feito originalmente por ki..

from the new tea rose collection, limited.

trying out some different techniques. a little different. or what i imagine they are. no books / tutorials / support / magazines available in this country. like lots of other things. thingy things. or stuff. i'm kinda disappointed today, just ignore. or not.
tea for two. two girls, claro. porcelaine. and beautiful dresses. lipstick and pearls. afternoon september sun through the window. retro. totally.
no patience to translate this into polish / portuguese. maybe next time.
burned all the beads that i made yeasterday. lots of.


açai here we go!

isso é só uma parte da grande e gordinha mercadoria de bijuterias naturais, que foram pra Polônia. Já segunda vez. A exportaççao está crescendo! E, meninas e meninos, as polonesas adoram! Adoram até o cheiro ;)
Todas as sementes brasileiras tem formas tão únicas que as europeias ficam totalmente encantadas!
em breve, acredito, site de biju eco Terra Brasil!

olha que eu fiz esta vez!

minha irmã apresenta:
produto para exportação, vai direitinho para europa ;P
não é maravilhosa esta estampa?
tecido muito ruim, ainda bem que a foto disfarça, mas estampa... uma delicia de bolsa de verão!
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