m18 reinvented

m18 reinvented, upload feito originalmente por ki..

i´m growing up a little :)

this is the first set of more grownup biju, and the first testdrive of my new lightbox. built it this weekend, with my babe´s help, and i´m very happy with it :)
spent like three hours on saturday taking photos, finally, cause the things were waiting there for me for too long already, and when i uploaded them on the computer, i discovered that i took all of them on vga mode... and, that the light, that seemed ok on the camera´s lcd, should be definitely much stronger.
so everything got pink and awfull quality.
the only good thing was a composition, and only beacuse of this - and lost time... - that they´re here and not in the trash bin. but needed good photoshopping...
what do you think? is the effect ok?
cause concerning photos, i guess, i´m always too critical...


ok, we´re officially open :)

after a long and delicious process of creating
and a long and tiring process of organizing
terra brasil natural jewelry is finally on air!

we, me and my sis, during her stay here in brasil, made - or, let's be honest, found and bought, which wasn't a bit less complicated than doing it by ourselves - collars, bracelets and earrings of seeds and wood of brasilian tropical plants, as well as of coconut shell and sweet little coconuts called dicuri.

the seed we most used, the little round one, is called açai, and is a seed of one fruit, commonly and widely eaten here in a form of a frozen pulp [açai na tigela], some kind sorbet ice-cream, which, as my sister stated, tastes like banana with blueberry. so, most of the brasileiros never ever seen the fruit itself and have no idea how does it look like ;)

there are also earrings made of feathers of colorful amazonian birds or beautiful golden grass called capim dourado.
we also have those stunning earrings made of scales of a huge amazonian fish called pirarucu.

anyways, feel free to see with your own eyes

everything is now in poland, and available for whoever wants to feel a little bit of the biggest rainforest on earth on their neck. or ears. or somewhere near.
something really nice is that all those seed have their own very special smell :)
[contact with me or terrabrasilpolska@yahoo.com]

so, how do you like them? :)
as i promissed. a preview of the new bijus from the line terra brasil!
everything natural. everything pure from brasilian forests.
soon, the advertisment and invitation :)

nowa bizuteria z linii terra brasil!
mala zajawka, a wkrotce zaproszenie i link.



NOs & YESes

no photos today.
no new things.
no budget at all.

yes, i got about a zillion ideas. and no way to realize them.
yes, it looks like my wallet that month and next month has some secret affair with "the world crisis".
yes, i hate it. i feel so nonsense.

no happy happy mood brasileiro.
no sun today.

yes, i continue to miss europe. started last week. and didn't go away.
guess it's a first time it's that heavy on me like a cloud that might start dropping tears any moment.
first time in... yes, 10 months. already.

yes, i think i just realized that here probably i´ll never be able to live the life i wanna live.
seems like it´s more like an incubator for me. brasil. to grow up. and learn how to light a little inner sun to be kinda independent from the big one. or rather lack of it, thinking of poland ;P

hard times have come on me... :/
really ugly ones.
i would really like to hope that they will create something beautiful inside me, but....


i got tagged.
by Zoricina whose work i absolutely love :)

so the rules say...

1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a com
ment on their blog

...that now i should share 7 facts about me and tag more 7 people.

lemme see if i manage to find some interesting facts this hour in the morning...

1. my biggest dream is to speak, or at least understand all the languages of the world. or at least japanese, spanish, french, korean, russian, cestina, hindi, italian and some others.

2. i´m polish but i live in são paulo, brasil, or in other words, the city of satan. and i still didn't get used, and i still miss my good old europe. i started to do thingy crafty things here, cause this city is so so so ugly that i had to make my life at least a little bit more beautiful.

3. i used to read quite fluently latin but now i forgot a lot. but i still love the perfect harmony of it.

4. i love maps :) my father is a cartographist/geologist and i used to draw maps instead of happy sun sky trees and houses when i was really little.

5. couldn't live without books. what drives me crazy, cause here nobody reads nothing. nothing.

6. for nobody could say that i'm not really polish (cause we love to complain ;P) one negative: i can´t stand pompatic people. or anything and anybody that tries to look better than they are.

7. i think that white people are the ugliest of all. if i could, i would choose some other colour ;)

hope that this serves :)

so i´m tagging:
house on hill road
whispering pine
a fada flor
lidia luz

have fun and beijos, girls!

m17 & m21

more of tea rose. but kind of japanese tea this time, i think.


ring / anel / pierscionek m20

m20, upload feito originalmente por ki..

from the new tea rose collection, limited.

trying out some different techniques. a little different. or what i imagine they are. no books / tutorials / support / magazines available in this country. like lots of other things. thingy things. or stuff. i'm kinda disappointed today, just ignore. or not.
tea for two. two girls, claro. porcelaine. and beautiful dresses. lipstick and pearls. afternoon september sun through the window. retro. totally.
no patience to translate this into polish / portuguese. maybe next time.
burned all the beads that i made yeasterday. lots of.


açai here we go!

isso é só uma parte da grande e gordinha mercadoria de bijuterias naturais, que foram pra Polônia. Já segunda vez. A exportaççao está crescendo! E, meninas e meninos, as polonesas adoram! Adoram até o cheiro ;)
Todas as sementes brasileiras tem formas tão únicas que as europeias ficam totalmente encantadas!
em breve, acredito, site de biju eco Terra Brasil!

olha que eu fiz esta vez!

minha irmã apresenta:
produto para exportação, vai direitinho para europa ;P
não é maravilhosa esta estampa?
tecido muito ruim, ainda bem que a foto disfarça, mas estampa... uma delicia de bolsa de verão!


vamos a la playa mañana! :)

pulseira*bracelet*bransoletka* praia10

verão voltou!
e eu estou com minha cabeça viajando, para praias distantes, bonitas, desertas, com cheiro do mar azul no meu nariz. mais ainda que lembrei da nossa lua de mel em rio grande do norte, já que semana passada saiu no maior jornal da polônia minha primeira materia ever! um artigo gordinho sobre natal, com fotos e capa, e tudo! uhuuu!
dá para ver (mas provavelmente só ver ;P) aqui:


the summer seems to be back!
and i´m with my mind far away from this hellish city, on far away beaches, gorgeus, deserted, with a smell of a blue blue sea in my mind´s nose. recently i remembered the tropical heat of our honeymoon in northeast of brasil. last week i got my first article ever published in the biggest polish newspaper, a fat one about the state of rio grande do norte, with photos and everything :) proud of myself!
you can see (probably not read though;P) here:


wygląda na to, że lato wróciło!
ja mam juz w głowie dalekie piękne puste plaże, dalekie od miasta szatana, i w nosie zapach niebieskiego morza... o parnych tropikalnych plażach na których hulaliśmy podczas naszej podrózy poślubnej przypomniał mi ostatnio jeszcze bardziej mój pierwszy najpierwszejszy artykuł w gazecie, huhu! grubaśny, z obrazkami i okładką, jestem z się dumna :)
czytalny tutaj:

colar berries


esse é um colar muito querido que tá chegando um pouco atrasado, mas finalmente! berries deliciosos para vocês!


i oto naszyjnik z tych ulubionych, jagodowo-porzeczkowy, trochę spóźniony, ale w końcu jest!


i came back!
with a very dear necklace of berries, a little bit late, but finally here it is, blueberry sweet for ya!


travesseiro esquenta-pé

é o que salva me e minha famila de uma morte triste de frio ou de ser sufocado por uma montanha de cobertores. uma coisinha fofa, simples e genial, ecologica e econômica, tres minutos no micro e esquenta que é uma beleza :) e ainda com cheiro de lavanda... mmm...
recomendo, é só pedir e eu faço um igual para voces!


here´s what saves me and my family from sad death of cold or of being suffocated under a pile of covers. is really too cold to live without any heaters here...
so i found this idea of a rice pillow and made one, and it´s so simple, so cute, so genious...
and everybody totally loves it here in this "tropical" country :)


oto co nas tu ratuje przed smutna smiercia z zimna albo przez uduszenie pod gora kocy i kolder.
idea prosta, genialna, ekonomiczna i ekologiczna, kawalek flanelki, kilo ryzu i troche lawendy, 20 minut przy maszynie, a potem 3 minuty w mikrofali i jek rozkoszy...
zdecydowanie tu za zimno w tym 'tropikalnym kraju' zeby mieszkac bez ogrzewania.


brakuje mi tylko kota do kompletu.

there´s only a cat lacking in this picture.

falta só o gato para completar a imagem.

torbaborba gordinha, bonita :)

torbaborba gordinha, bonita :), upload feito originalmente por ki..

recentemente sumi um pouco com as bijus, eu sei... o blog tá parado...
tudo por causa do inverno congelante e tambem por culpa da fada flor. uma vez fui ver o blog dela e me apaixonei tanto por bolsas dela, especialmente por uma delas, que resolvi relembrar fazer tricô. já que eu não sei nem imagino saber fazer crochê...
e assim as bijus perderam um pouco á lã ;)

a torbaborba não ficou tão bonita e bem acabado como a da fada flor, mas, bem... fazendo e aprendendo, ne? ;)

mas tem outras novidades: como é possible que eu só estou escrevendo em portugues, que nem é a minha lingua, nem a lingua mais falada da internet... agora vou fazer um blog trilingue ;P

it´s not really possible to understand why the hell should i write here only im portguese, if it´s not my mother tongue, not even the first foreign language that i learned, not the one that all my friends understand, not the common language of the internet.
hence: starts here my trilingual blog! welcome!

i disappeared recently, i know... no new biju coming... no new posts...
everything is fada flor´s fault. once, i went to see her blog and fell in love with her bags, especially one of them. i liked it so much that i decided to remind myself the art of knitting. the art of which until now i only new the basics... ;) so i totally sunk into it, even more as it´s freezing cold inside & out.

my torbaborba didn´t get as cute and well done as fada´s, but it´s just a beggining, isnt´t it? :)


bunt! nowosc!
dlaczego wlasciwie mialabym pisac tego bloga tylko po portugalsku, i ani slowka po polsku, ani w zadnym innym ludzkim jezyku, ktory normalni ludzie mogliby zrozumiec? ;)
no to teraz zaczynam, wedle mozliwosci, trojjezycznosc :)

cos ostatnio moje biju troche znikly z pola widzenia, a to wszystko z winy fada flor, na ktorej blogu pewnego razu postalo moje oko i zakochalam sie w jej torbach, a szczegolnie w jednej z nich. i skoro nie mam pojecia jak sie robi na szydelku, postanowilam przynajmniej przypomniec sobie jak sie robi na drutach. i nauczyc sie czegos wiecej niz oczko lewe prawe lewe szalik.
i sa pewne rezultaty ;)

nie tak piekne jak pani flor co prawda, ale od czegos trzeba zaczac :)

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