m18 reinvented

m18 reinvented, upload feito originalmente por ki..

i´m growing up a little :)

this is the first set of more grownup biju, and the first testdrive of my new lightbox. built it this weekend, with my babe´s help, and i´m very happy with it :)
spent like three hours on saturday taking photos, finally, cause the things were waiting there for me for too long already, and when i uploaded them on the computer, i discovered that i took all of them on vga mode... and, that the light, that seemed ok on the camera´s lcd, should be definitely much stronger.
so everything got pink and awfull quality.
the only good thing was a composition, and only beacuse of this - and lost time... - that they´re here and not in the trash bin. but needed good photoshopping...
what do you think? is the effect ok?
cause concerning photos, i guess, i´m always too critical...

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