from the series: i can't stop listening to this song

and in fact, i cry
it awakens something from the old free times, buried deeply, long forgotten in daily merry-go-round activities called "real life"

something that i guess is from those times, but maybe it´s just some core of me

hope it is

core lays deep
maybe that´s why i feel like i lost connection with it

feel like it´s just some sentiment, just sentimental vague memories of my teen years, full of deep and romantic visions of what life is
what life is not i think now, i grown up, swimming on the surface of reality

hope that maybe life is it, at least a little



moving to the deepest

real, to the guts


*feel like a robot. wanna go back home. wanna explode. burst. wanna stop being reasonable. wanna go back to the point where there were no compromises and no consequences. just pure anger. force that destroys. yeah, today is the days, one of many, those last days, that i just wanna open myself up and let my inner punk loose. enough.

**and now, excuse me, gotta "real life" work to do. yeah. "real life" is here, looking down on me waiting like that lady in black hooded gown. and it feels similar, also...

well, was a pleasure to go deeper inside me, even if only in words. but words are worlds, right.

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