olives and cheese cupcakes

i got so so irritated today with all this infernal temperature - we should have a tropical rain every day in the evening, and it's been 4 days since it doesn't rain; you get sweaty like 5 minutes after taking a cold shower; some medium weight laundry dries in 1 hour; i'm only able to think after 6.30 pm, when the sun starts to set.
and also, i made those new beautiful stickers with new pokkuru logo

and i just COULDN'T print it right on the labels, the margin was ALWAYS wrong in one of the sides for something like two hours, while sweating like a white pig - i really wasn't made to live in tropical climate.

my therapy these days is to cook - not that much eating, afterwards, but cooking and reading about food, history of cuisine, history of food through history of human civilization and vice versa

-- latest finds for my kitchen library:
- a introduction from le grand dictionnaire de cuisine by alexandre dumas - if his novels are delicious to read, imagine his writing about food *_*
- j. a. dias lopes - a rainha que virou pizza - not that much of a delicious narration, if you know what i mean, but nevertheless quite interesting articles about famous historical personnae and their relation with food, with recipes - sometimes totally crazy

anyways, since it's too hot to cook, i decided to post a recipe for salty cupcakes i made week ago for my birthday picnic.

forgot to take a photo of the cupcakes with frosting, but i guess you have an idea :)


- 250 gr flour // farinha
- 150 gr whole wheat flour // farinha integral
- 2 spoon baking soda // colher sopa de fermento royal
- 2 eggs // ovos
- 400 ml milk // leite -->or a little bit more
- 200 gr soft butter // manteiga em temperatura ambiente
- olive oil // azeite
- salt // sal
- pepper // pimenta do reino
- oregano / basilic
- 200 gr white mozzarella cheese - or any other you like // queijo minas fresco -ou mussarela de buffala, ou algum outro
- 300 gr olives // azeitonas fatiadas
- canned corn // uma lata de milho - or any other thingy you like or you have at home at the moment

so it goes more less like this: fluff butter + eggs + milk --> slowly add flour with baking soda, salt, pepper, oregano etc --> add stuffing (olives, cheese, corn etc) --> add olive oil and more milk, if necessary.
put in paperforms, bake at 200? or sth like that ;) until golden.

wait till they get cold, and decorate with the frosting and top with a cherry tomato.

for frosting you'll need:

- box of cream cheese (150 gr) // uma caixinha de cream cheese tipo philadelphia - eu usei danubio ervas finas
- 50 g r butter // manteiga
- 5 gr neutral gelatin in like 5 spoons of hot water // meio pacote de gelatina sem sabor diluida em minimo de agua possivel

- fluff butter, add cheese, let it fluff, little by little add gelatin.
decorates about 30 cupcakes, no pastry bag style ;)

//bater a manteiga ate ficar branca e fofa, adicionar quiejo, bater mais uns 2 minutos, adicionar gelatina diluida em agua quente.
da pra decorar uns 30 cupcakes.

while i sometimes still don't get how much of brasilian enthusiasm is for real and how much is to be nice to somebody that is nice to them - it seems that everybody liked. me, i loved them :)

beijos / smacznego!

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